Tuesday, 28 October 2008

State of Flush

Due to sustained movements, The Bog Logger is currently in a state of flush.

In the meantime, please remember that they are trying to scare you.


FoodieFi said...

Do you know what I find weird about those ads? How does using that anti-bacterial stuff keep the user any safer from the 40% of people who don't wash their hands? (And how did they get that stat? If it was just by observation, maybe the people who didn't wash their hands were using the loo to get changed or something.) Maybe their intent is that you squirt people with said gel if you notice them not washing their hands ...

rayedish said...

'researchers found a typical hand had roughly 150 different species of bacteria living on it.'
Apparently women's hands habour more bugs..and after delivering this news the article details the many flora that live in our hands, it finally concludes that the bugs are probably beneficial because they live niches that would otherwise harbour harmful bacteria.