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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Spacey commode

The sun goes down, the day turns to night. You look up at the stars and see a light moving faster than the others - is it a satellite? A plane? The space station? Ooh, ooh it's the space station!

And, of course, your first thought is always, how do they pee up there?

Using the loo in space is not easy. There are separate methods for urination and defecation, with solids collected in bags and liquid collected in 20 litre containers. The urine receptacle attachments are differentiated for men and women. Users need to strap themselves in otherwise... well... you wouldn't want to drift off. The very small toilet opening for taking a crap means that careful alignment is key.

Watch as American astronaut Suni Williams takes you on a tour of the Space Station toilet

Astronauts need to train on the ground on how to use the 'space potty' before they jet off.

It's a different story for space shuttles; the old Apollos weren't equipped with toilets at all and astronauts had to use bags. A Russian company, which released a prototype for a new shuttle this week, has revealed that its design includes a fully functioning toilet. Loads of astronauts all around the world will, no doubt, be relieved.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Snakey Starbucks surprise

In the news this week is the story of a Texan man who was started by a snake at his local Starbucks when he went to use the loo. Bruce Ahlswede responded as anyone would - he called in staff and his wife to take a look.

Fortunately, the snake was harmless and disappeared shortly after the man's wife snapped a photo.

Snakes in toilets are such a regular occurrence that I could dedicate whole blog posts to them. From rattlesnakes in porta-loos to cobras using loos to gain access to classrooms, there really is a horror story for every occasion.

In August, a Croatian student found this massive snake in the toilet of her uncle's place where she goes to study, because it's quiet...  While not poisonous (like that somehow makes it okay!) the snake is still terrifying. The student and her family named the snake Bosko.

Bosko - the completely unterrifying and friendly toilet snake...

Other folks haven't been quite so lucky. Earlier this year, an Israeli man had his penis bitten by a non-venomous snake. Despite his injury, paramedics say the man was able to 'have a laugh at his own expense'.

Of course, we who have the luxury of toilets shouldn't complain. Toilet snake attacks are relatively rare. It could be worse - you could have to pee outside where you're really in danger of getting bitten.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Flush 14-06-2013

All the loo news you never knew you wanted!

Sit down, you brute!

The county council of Sormland, Sweden, is calling on men to sit down while they pee in order to reduce 'spills' and increase hygiene. Opponents to the proposal say that sitting down reduces men's ability to 'shake off' at the end of their wee.

Read more at Digital Journal

Squirrelshank Redemption

Of course, you don't really care about a man's right to pee standing up. What you really care about is a squirrel crawling out of your loo.

Winnipeg woman Angela Campbell rescued the animal using a pair of BBQ tongs and carefully washed it in the bath before releasing it in her backyard. You can watch a video of bathtime here.

Wee the People!

The winner of this week's most puntastic article goes to Wales Online for their story Wee shall not be moved!

Protesters in Cardiff are furious over council plans to close public toilets. The P is for People protesters say that loo closures affect older people, people with disabilities and parents with children. For many people, going out in public means planning beforehand to make sure there are enough toilet facilities available.

The toilets themselves are Grade II listed Victorian loos - my favourite kind! - and recently underwent renovations. But the cash-strapped council says it needs to make cuts somewhere, and the loos have to go.

Tenderloin Toilet Project

San Francisco is funding a prototype toilet design which the city hopes will reduce instances of public urination.

The eco-friendly design - called P Planters - diverts urine into dilution tanks which are then used to irrigate adjacent planters. Win win! The design was a result of San Fran's Master Toilet Plan, a hefty document which you can peruse here
Til next time folks, have a great WEEkend.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Friday Flush 16.Nov.2012

Watch out! Once again, it's time for a round up of all the news you never knew you needed to know!

Lifehacker challenge

The winner of this week's Macgyver challenge at Lifehacker shows how you can repurpose toilet rolls to make a bits-and-bobs holder.

Honourable mentions went to a lamp shade, candle holder, iPod dock and scarf organiser (my personal favourite).

Bubble wrap against sweat

So in the same vein of utilising products in a nifty new way, did you know that you can use bubble wrap to stop the inside of your toilet cistern from sweating? No? Me neither! I mean, who even knew that could be a problem??

Grandma did. And Grandma has the answers.

Toilet roll napkin holders

And hell, while we're at it, why the fuck not?

Stage fright

I know that sometimes people get stage fright when they go to the loo whilst someone else is in the vicinity. But the drummer from Florence & the Machine inverted the experience - he got locked in the loo and nearly didn't make it on stage. True story!

Enjoy your peekend, troops.

Saturday, 13 October 2012


Where it's at.

Corridor, Newtown

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Friday Flush 6 July 2012

Welcome to your semi-regular dump of all the loo news you didn't know you needed!

First up, Liberian journos are being called on to report more extensively on water and sanitation issues. The president of the Press Union of Liberia made the remarks at a 3 day workshop for WASH reporters.

Also this week, the UK has finally allowed sanitation as a human right. This follows on from Canada finally dropping its objections. The UK recognition, however, is not quite the breakthrough advocates have hoped for as it excludes the "collection and transport of human waste".

Next up, we have the Toilet Tour - a giant dunny that's doing the rounds around Australia, just like an Olympic torch - except that instead of heralding the impending tournament of a handful of fit bods spending boat loads of cash to win a necklace, it's spreading the news of 2.4 billion people who can't crap safely.

I urge you to get behind the cause... Either go visit the toilet when it visits your town, or you can arrange to have it visit if it's not already on its way! Check out The Toilet Tour.

And finally, those wacky Koreans aren't just hunting whales for no good reason - no, no, now the country has also opened the first toilet themed theme park

I'm sure it's all for... research...

Don't say I didn't warn you. Over and out.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Tuesday Turd

Your weekly round up of all the loo news you never knew you needed.

Governments commit to WASH

In a week that bodes well for WASH projects, Australian PM Julia Gillard has announced additional funding for the Civil Society Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Fund, providing $97million of funding to WASH initiatives around the world.

Also this week, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Passed the Water for the World Act. The Act has bipartisan support in both the house and the senate, yet I can't find much info on the ol' interwebs. US politics is not my strong point, but I gather that the Act now needs the support of the House to pass into legislation. The CEOs of prominent NGOs are urging congressfolk to support the bill.

Generation ZOMG! THaT's aLOT oF WaTER!

Do you know how much water that burger you ate for lunch yesterday really used? You might be surprised. Astonished, even. Possibly flabbergasted! I sure as hell was.
Every product has litres of hidden water, used in its manufacture, transport and packaging - and to help you find out just how much, the EU has launched Generation Awake - is it trying to scare you into sensibility? Maybe. But it's also a great resource to see how your everyday choices can have a far bigger impact than you realise.

It's a gorgeous looking site - maybe a bit naff, and I wonder what actual impact it will have. Still, an excellent website for teachers looking for resource-efficiency materials.

Toilet treasure

Conservators at an ancient communal toilet oustide Paris have uncovered a rare jewel - a hairpin of the Medici Queen Catherine. I once found someone's drivers license in a toilet in a pub... maybe not quite the same.

Sayonara for now, and I hope that you find something truly wonderful in your loo this week :)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday flush 15 June 2012

Ten tonnes of toilet paper aflame!

Luckily this didn't end up with anyone hurt, but in Ohio a trailer carrying ten tonnes of toilet paper caught alight, spilling the cargo onto the highway. Holy flaming bog roll!

Indian railways committed to loos

Utilising World Environment Day, Indian railways have proclaimed a new standard in provision for toilets across the network. Pay-and-use toilets will now be an 'essential service' to passengers at all railway stations, including disabled access toilets, lighting and round-the-clock attendants. The new concept is Renovate, Operate, Maintain and Transfer (ROMT). Not sure what the Transfer bit is about...

Punning on WTO

Jack Sim from the World Toilet Organisation (WTO) claims he was the first to break the taboo on sanitation. Well, I don't want to gloss over the really important stuff that many WASH organisations have been doing since before 2001 (WaterAid comes to mind), but I do admire Jack for getting the sanitation message out there. People gotta poop!


You don't have to be a boglogger enthusiast to know that having a clean place to crap can save you from a whole host of horrible diseases. Preventable deaths of children under 5 is possible - if we commit to sanitation and hygiene for all.

Coca-cola on the clean water front

And finally, an unexpected feel-good story. While I find their commitment to fitness and nutrition laughable, I have to commend the Coca-Cola Foundation for providing significant grants towards water stewardship, conservation and education. With a total cash amount of $1,279,614, the grants will help to provide improved access to water and sanitation to communities in the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. A further $7 million will go towards water and sanitation activities through the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation which works across 17 African countries. Well done, you evil bastards :-)

Until next week, I hope all your poos are safe poos.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday Flush, 8 June 2012

(Posting from sunny Cairns on the ol iPod so links may not work!)

Water seems like a pretty fundamental human right - most nations agree and finally Canada is on board.

The Gates Foundation is sponsoring research into low cost toileting systems - a phenomenal opportunity for people involved in WASH globally. Schemes like this are great for promoting thought and innovative solutions to the problem of unsafe toileting.

Who knew the portable loo market was so competitive? With a downturn in the construction industry has seen a related downturn in portable toilet rentals.