Tuesday, 22 April 2008



I'm recently re-employed again (hence the slight downturn in regular blog postings). The toilets at my new place of employment are a little on the miserable side, and it got me to thinking - job interviews should be held in toilets.


Seriously. There are plenty of seats, you can talk shit without it being out of place, and guys can all stand around comparing penis sizes.


Picture by Leon Kuhn You can learn a lot about an organisation from the condition and layout of their toilets. The ladies toilet in my new workplace has two cubicles and one separate disabled toilet into which no disabled person has ever gone or could ever go. It is the worst type of accessible toilet: it is an almost-accessible toilet. It has a tap that can be mouth-operated, a generous hand rail and a slightly wider than usual access door. Unfortunately, the door leads into a little hallway with a door which is smaller than usual. Even if a wheelchair could fit in the hall door, there isn't sufficient room in the hallway to turn into the disabled toilet, without doing an 8 point turn. Honestly, who designs these things?


I do like my new workplace, but there is an air of almost doing things right.


My old workplace was notoriously bad for people not changing the loo roll - I guess it just wasn't in anyone's job description.

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