Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Bog Roll 01

Most of my observations about toilet etiquette are made at work. My work toilets are located in the stairwell between two floors, meaning that we share our toilets with the ladies from the floor below. So when I notice a breach in etiquette, I don't know who to point the finger at: one of my lot, or one of the lot downstairs.

And there is someone on my floor or the one below who commits the gravest of toilet faux pas - not changing the toilet roll. That empty cardboard roll with a wisp of white paper whispering in the wind is dead - and they leave it on the holder. It is a skeleton in their closet.

Of course, what really disturbs me is that it may not be just one person. What if the whole floor is in on it? Or both floors? What if they're all purposely leaving that dead roll on the holder, thinking 'oh well, the next person can deal with that'? Or worse, what if they're not doing it on purpose? The horror! They actually just don't think about it!

To combat this disaster in a cubicle, I'm producing a series of community notices. Just to help people remember that there are rules about using public toilets.

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